ANALOG WAY RK-300 Remote Control Keypad

ANALOG WAY RK-300 Remote

The RK-300 is an intuitive user-friendly Remote Control Keypad designed by Analog Way to control the following multi-scaler devices: Eikos, Eikos LE, OPS300, OPS200, Smart MatriX, Smart MatriX LE, Smart Edge, Smart Quad, Pulse, Pulse LE, Smart Vu and Smart Vu LE. With a wide range of features and inputs/ outputs, these Seamless Switchers were designed to meet the requirements of any project at the best performance/price ratio on the market. RK-300 allows full control of menu and settings of the switchers and direct access to PIPs, logos, frames and sources selection. Layers properties can be defined by the user and stored in the console’s memory. A mini joystick allows easy control of the displayed elements. The RK-300 offers a Graphic Fluorescent display with highly contrasted menu, illuminated 3-color buttons and a mini T-Bar to control effects levels. Fitted with an Ethernet LAN RJ45 connector, RK-300 is easy to connect and use.

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