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Alusfera Creates an “Opera House effect”

In September, LITEC delivered its Alusfera 2.0 roof structure to the Novi Sad 2021 Foundation for use in a classical concert organized on the Novi Sad town square in Serbia. The company who delivered the Alusfera structure to the Novi Sad Foundation for this event was AVL Projekt, a leading authorized distributor in Serbia. “The service we received from LITEC for this event was greatly appreciated. LITEC’s Sales Representative, Jan Cernota, worked with us during the selling process and assisted in the successful conclusion of the contract. LITEC Design Engineer Andrea Santello also provided full technical support, which was key for the end user and domestic engineers that finally certified the Alusfera structure for the event. All stages of the project that concerned the roof structure were comfortable and efficient.” said Aleksandar Kruscic, Project Manager for AVL Project. The Alusfera roof is a truly unique structure that’s constructed with LITEC’s innovative LIBERA FL76 series truss, which allows for the creation of a spherical roof with high loading characteristics, extended covered areas, and small transport volumes. For this year’s event in Novi Sad, the impressive Alusfera 2.0 roof measured 21.5 metres wide, 10.3 metres high and 11.5 metres deep. It featured front and rear arches, and a new ridge that allows for the secure connection of the main arches to the ground. Although it is rated for a uniformly distributed load of 6,5000kg, only 6,000kg of support was required for this event. The roof was covered with a white PVC canopy for protection against rain and wind, with the inside of the canopy painted in various colours to assist in creating exceptional lighting effects. “The tender included a firm deadline for completion of this project, so timely delivery of the Alusfera roof was extremely important to us. LITEC promised to meet the deadline we had specified and kept their promise.”, commented Kruscic. He then added, “And the short amount of time needed to construct the Alusfera roof on location was amazing. It saved the client money for labour and helped us meet tight deadlines that always seem to accompany the production of live

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