Altman brings a colorful wash to the Ko Shan Theatre with Pacific Lighting (HK) Limited


Located in Hong Kong, the 1,031‐seat Ko Shan Theatre is ideally suited for traditional opera, dance, music, school functions or community gatherings. Already equipped with an advanced sound and staging system, the theatre also wanted to incorporate the latest in lighting technology as well. Looking to bring in a new LED theatrical luminaire to provide elegant color‐changing with a smooth, even wash, they worked with Pacific Lighting Ltd who installed a rig of AP‐150 PAR LED luminaires from Altman Lighting. “The Ko Shan Theatre has been a longtime client of ours and we have worked on many supply projects for them,” began Hugh Chinnick, Pacific Lighting Director. “When we were approached about this particular upgrade, they were looking for an LED color‐changing Fresnel or PAR to replace their existing two‐color Tungsten Fresnel downlights. After Nick Champion conducted a demo of the AP‐150 while in Hong Kong, they were really impressed with the fixtures and we were able to move forward with the upgrade to their standard rig.” When looking at the main performance attributes needed from the new luminaires, the Altman fixtures really won out due to their combination of intensity, color‐mixing, a motorized zoom function, and the cost. “With a stage area of approximately 13m x 12m, we now have 34 AP‐150 luminaires hanging as part of the permanent, standard lighting rig,” added Chinnick.

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