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All Proteus™ moving head rig for Germany’s Nature One

Lighting designer Thomas Gerdon has designed the lighting for Nature One’s main Open Air Floor every year since its introduction in 2001. The designer stays on the cusp of innovation and turned to more Proteus line fixtures for the 2019 festival. With nothing to protect either the audience or stage rigs from the rain, Gerdon turned to an all IP65 moving head rig. The Proteus Hybrid served as the main workhorse of the rig with 98 located in the rig above the crowd and another 48 mounted on the upper edge of each metal shield on stage. Additionally, a line of 32 compact Proteus Rayzor 760 LED wash luminaires with SparkLED™ technology lined the downstage edge.

Prior to Nature One, Gerdon had the opportunity to use the much-talked-about 50,000-lumen Proteus Maximus LED fixture, the first in Europe to do so. When Elation Europe head Marc Librecht showed him the fixture earlier this summer, he was so impressed by its power he secured 22 Proteus Maximus units for Nature One and used them to light the metal shield pyramids from positions on stage and in PA towers. With CMY color mixing and comprehensive FX package that includes framing, Maximus can be used as a profile, beam or wash light. Housing a 5.5- to 55-degree zoom and 950W White LED engine, it delivers an unmatched level of brightness with the power to cut through at great distances.

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