Alcons pro-ribbon speakers make Blak Box a truly immersive dxperience


Many of Australia’s Urban Theatre Projects (UTP) projects are presented in Blak Box, a unique, portable venue that uses Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems for a fully immersive audio experience. UTP’s latest production was Momentum, which was presented in Blak Box at Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney. Alcons systems for all Blak Box productions are supplied by David Betterridge of Sydney-based Loud And Clear Audio Pty Ltd. The Momentum system comprised six pro-ribbon VR5 monitors and two BF151mkII compact subs, powered and managed by two Sentinel3 amplified loudspeaker controllers. The VR5s were evenly-spaced around the perimeter of the internal wall, with the BF151s placed in opposing corners, between the internal and external walls. “For Momentum, the brief was to supply a very compact system, because there was very little space for the top boxes, but which would be capable of reproducing a very varied range of speech and musical styles.”

David and his team proposed the Alcons VR5 because it delivered very high fidelity sound, but was able to fit into the very tight space between the top of the internal walls and the roof of Blak Box. “It was a challenging project, as the design of the room itself was modified as the production evolved,” says David. “The gap between the inner and outer walls of Blak Box is very tight in many places and it’s filled with lighting/cooling and other tech, so finding suitable ways of mounting the VR5s in the correct locations and even running cables to them meant a number of re-thinks to our original plans.” “As a sound curator, at the outset I’m entirely focused on the quality of the recordings. It’s when I’m immersed in the studio that I hear all the nuances, the blips and occasionally the defects present on them. Much of the content I curate is spoken word and there are lots of variables in that,” says Daniel Browning, curator of Momentum. “The speakers don’t just amplify, I can honestly say they deepen the experience. The sound is warm but crystalline, to my mind Alcons speakers are far superior to any other systems I’ve worked with in 25 years.”

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