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Afterlife 2020 debuts in Dubai with 100 Claypaky Sharpys

The Afterlife series of electronic music festivals arrived in Dubai, UAE at the Hangar 4 industrial warehouse event space. Lighting Designer Pascal Bach of VEM Vision emotion GmbH utilized 100 Claypaky Sharpy fixtures to deliver the signature Afterlife look within the monumental space. LighTech in Dubai was the equipment supplier for Afterlife. Pascal Bach created the lighting design and handled the operation of lights and lasers during the show. “The main part of the design was a 60- meter truss in the center of the 100-meter hangar. The truss was filled with 50 Sharpys and additional wash lights,” says Bach. “The idea was to create a massive array of light beams that behaved as one single object in an organic way.” The setup contained 50 fixtures on the main center truss and 25 more on each of the two side trusses. Additionally, 30 ClayPaky B-EYE K10s were used to create a side glow and illuminate the hanging Afterlife man, the iconic visual element of the show. “Sharpy is a widely used fixture and was the only one available in the quantity I needed for a reasonable price,” Bach notes. “It also had everything I required for the show. It needed to be small, fast and not too heavy. Furthermore it has a nice color selection, thin beams and a frost.” Bach emphasizes. “There aren’t so many fixtures on the market which can produce a super strong, thin beam in a small body like Sharpy does,” he reports.

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