Adlib supplies beautiful combination of production for The Wombats


Adlib supplied sound, lighting and video to the recent tour by Liverpool indie rockers The Wombats. Tour manager Simon Fuller used to work for Adlib a few years ago and knows many of the staff and crew. “Their way of working is excellent, and I always like to try and rent kit from Adlib when possible, fully confident that we will be well looked after”. Adlib supplied a lighting floor specials package and a 5 metre by 3 metre upstage video wall comprising Adlib’s new Unilumin UpadIII H5 5mm indoor / outdoor LED screen for the academy type venues. At the heart of the visual design were eight ALX JW-1 lighting fixtures, a proprietary retro styled LED dish luminaire, which looked great and offered a lot of inbuilt LED effects in addition to the general illumination. These were dotted all around the stage on a series of different height floor bases, together with eight GLP JDC1 LED strobes. There were also eight Robe Spikies – small continuous rotation LED beam lights – which were positioned down each side of the stage and used for cross washes and funky gobo effects. They hooked into the ‘house’ rigs of each of the academy style venues. Dave ran all lighting and video (via an ArKaos media server) from a grandMA3 console. For the two Arena shows – The SSE Arena, Wembley and Leeds – Adlib supplemented the rig with a lot of extra lighting including three trusses. These were loaded with 24 Martin MAC Aura XBs, equally divided between the front mid and rear trusses, together with a total of fourteen MAC Viper profiles, six on the mid and eight on the back truss.

Another seven JDC1 strobes were added – four to the mid truss and three to the back, plus 11 Elation QPix 2-cell LED blinders, three on the front, and four each on the mid and back trusses. The touring floor package was set up as usual, and the JW-1 fixtures were boosted with another eight, giving an eye catching scenic element to the stage. The audio system was a combination of CODA AiRAY and ViRAY, with main hangs of 14 x AiRAY with two SC2-F low frequency extenders at the top and four ViRAY at the bottom of the hangs for down fills. The side hangs were each 10 x AiRAY with six ViRAY downs, and there was a small centre cluster of six of the TiRAY a perfect compact speaker and in this setup ideal for covering that first 10 metres or so of the auditorium, including the mosh pit where the die hard fans tend to be! Rumbling away sinisterly on the floor were 16 x CODA SCP subs. The front fills were four HOPS boxes, supported by three APS a-side for infill across the floor. These were all running via CODA’s Linus14D amps with Lake LM 44s and an LM26 at FOH at FOH for front end processing. The return system was sent over CODA’s LiNET including a dually redundant AES drive system over a pair of CAT6’s running the 8 lines of AES that is proprietary to CODA.

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