Adamson Provides the Total Package for New Kids on the Block


Nostalgia sounds mighty sweet on New Kids on the Block’s Total Package Tour thanks in large part to a high performance audio system comprised of Adamson Systems Engineering’s E-Series and S-Series loudspeakers, supplied by Cleveland, OH’s Eighth Day Sound. “I chose the Adamson E15s for this tour after testing them out side by-side with some other high-end boxes,” comments New Kids’ FOH engineer, Kevin Elson. The system for the tour features main hangs of 15 Adamson E15 three-way, true line source enclosures and three E12s as downfills per side. The side hangs feature 12 E15s and 3 E12s per side, and when required, arrays of 12 S10 two-way, full-range compact boxes are flown as 270-degree fills. “First off, it’s a great box to rig, and the sound is powerful and consistent across the board, with no audible transition between the E15s and S10s when walking around the venue,” comments Eighth Day System Engineer and Audio Crew Chief Kyle Walsh. With ground space at a premium considering the elaborate stage set-up, the crew opted to fly the Adamson E119 subwoofers in arrays of eight per side and have been more than pleased with their performance. Elson also praises his partners from Eighth Day Sound, noting that the unique stage set-up necessitated plenty of advanced collaboration for speaker placement and alignment. “Eighth Day has been very supportive with any and all needs that have come up on the tour,” he says.

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