ACME creates a visual feast for Beijing International Film Festival 2019


From April 13 to 20, 2019, the 9th Beijing International Film Festival was held at the National China Film Digital Production Base in Huairou District, Beijing. The annual International Film Festival is not only a feast for movies, but also a gathering of filmmakers. On the evening of April 13, the 9th Beijing International Film Festival was opened ceremoniously. The main theme of this opening ceremony is “national and family”, through the expression of the national feelings of the movies by the filmmakers from different countries, using the vocabulary of film and stage art to search the spiritual home of the filmmakers and audiences. How to express “the feeling of national and family” through the “light”, “shadow” and “sound”? For this purpose, the opening ceremony was special adopts ACME SPARTAN HYBRID, GLORY FRAMING, PAGEANT 600Z, MEGA STROBE 5000, STAGE PAR 100 IP, etc. A total of 720 units professional stage lighting works together to create a unique visual feast, and celebrate the 70th birthday of the motherland. One of the lighting SPARTAN HYBRID is a upgrade on the basic of popular model SABER HYBRID.

It not only follows the great features of SABER HYBRID, but also upgrades the lens appearance completely, injecting more dynamic elements into the compact fuselage appearance. Equipped with Philips star product — MSD Platinum 20R bulb, under the beam mode, the zoom angle is 2-7° and the illumination is up to 900,000 lux@5M. The strong light source provide more powerful light output, sharp beam, and create wonderful vision for the performance. With 0-100% smooth dimming, professional color wheels of 15 colors and strobe effects with various speeds, it’s easy to create a variety of dynamic effects, which will multiply the vitality of the stage and create a splendid visual feast. Beijing International Film Festival, is a magnificent & bright celebration, which based on the genuine feelings of Chinese filmmakers towards the nation and family. Let us be ready to start and create a more brilliant future for the film industry!

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