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Adlib on The Script for Freedom Child Tour

Multi award-winning rental and production specialist Adlib is delighted to be back on the road again with Irish rockers The Script, supplying an amazing sounding CODA audio system for FOH engineer Steve “Pato” Pattison. A top touring crew join Pato and Marc on the road including systems engineer Alan Harrison, George Puttock, Jay Petch and Laurie Binns. The main system set-up is main left and right hangs of 14 x AiRAY dual 12 inch speakers, complete with four ViRAY dual 8 inch downs, side hangs of 12 x AiRAY with four ViRAY downs, plus an upstage hang of eight ViRAY and a centre cluster comprising another eight. The flown subs are eight SC2 dual 15 inch bass cabinets, run in conjunction with a ground stacked spaced array of 32 x SCP dual 18 subs. APS 10s and HOPS 8s are used for front fills. CODA’s modelling software EASE Focus 3 and its sonic signature also makes it seriously faster than using other systems. Alan and Pato both agree that “it sounds incredible straight from the off”. Due to the accuracy and honesty of the predictions, Alan can 90% guarantee that what he designs will be the system they build for real each day, proudly and with asmile, pointing out that this means “less time making noise and annoying the rest of the crew!” The PA drive system is digital from mic converters to the amps, so benefits from minimal signal degradation from multiple A to D conversions. He feeds his Lake LM44 at FOH via AES from the Allen & Heath S7000 console, and then Dante down to the Lake LM26 processors positioned stage left and right. AES over CAT6 from these is sent to the amplifiers which are the new 4-channel Linus 14 with 5K of RMS per channel. Adlib’s Marc Peers mixed their monitors on a Midas PRO X console, chosen for its excellent sound and – similar to Pato at FOH – because no outboard is necessary and everything you need is right there at your fingertips! The band tour their own Sennheiser IEM system and the only monitor speaker on stage is an Adlib MP4 drum sub for some atmosphere in that area. They are running 8 channels of Sennheiser 2000 series, five for the band, a spare, a tech mix and an EQ channel, so it’s a straightforward setup.

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