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MegaPointes for Martin Garrix

“One of the best show’s our team has ever done!”… declared production designer and show director Gabe Fraboni after two performances by Dutch DJ and music producer Martin Garrix at Amsterdam’s RAI. The RAI design follows a base model which has a large video ‘plus’ sign flanked each side by a matrix of 90 x Robe Spikies. For the RAI shows, the ‘plus’ was still there in the center, with everything else around it seriously scaled up which was accomplished by adding a 40 meter wide by 10 meter high 16mm LED wall behind the truss structure. The 50 x MegaPointes were rigged on three curved trusses that complimented the architecture of the trussing structure and lined the upstage video wall. Then Gabe continued the Spikie matrix, extending it across all the structure’s metal work elements, which consumed 164 Spikies. Above the audience, 60 x Robe Pointes were deployed which worked smoothly with both the MegaPointes and the Spikies. He programmed the lighting with the help of Fabian Fisniku, and operated the RAI shows himself using a grandMA2 full size console. Other lights on the rig included 73 x strobes, 100 x truss toners and 154 x 1-lite Moles. Another grandMA2 full size was operated by Aubrey Wright running the flames and CO2 effects. Ahead of the RAI gigs Gabe – who also designs the show’s lasers – spent two weeks in pre-vis at his studio in Los Angeles followed by a full week of previs which was set up in Amsterdam. He used a number of tools including WYSIWYG and Pangolin’s Beyond 3.0. The pyro design and operation is executed by Bert Kelchtermans who is also the tour’s production manager and the SFO operator and tour manager is Aubrey Wright. Audio is mixed by Stephan Themps.

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