3by3 Space Opens at Volt Lites with Claypaky Mini‐B LED moving lights as versatile, workhorse fixtures


Volt Lites Co‐founders Matthew Shimamoto and Harrison Lippman and Lulu Creative Director Michael Zinman of Zinman Company have launched the 3by3 Space on the premises of entertainment production services company Volt Lites in Burbank. The three partners have created a safe stage for the COVID‐19 era that’s equipped with a trio of lighting, video and xR capabilities. Sixty‐four active Claypaky Mini‐B LED moving lights comprise the workhorse fixtures for the space. The 3by3 Space is outfitted with a large upstage LED videowall and LED floor from LED partner NEP Screenworks. Four lighting towers flank each side of the stage, and a horizontal truss is suspended above the space. Claypaky Mini‐Bs are mounted on the towers and four rows of the truss. “The versatility, size and output of the Mini‐B fits well within the scale of the 3by3 Space,” says Shimamoto. “We have a limited trim height so proportions are everything. The Mini‐B’s wider zoom range and shorter throw is very helpful, and the fixtures are very fast. Everything about them made them the right fit for this space. The Mini‐Bs form the perfect backbone for the lighting design of the 3by3 Space.” The new 3by3 Space also includes 16 Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures in the rig to provide additional beam effects for artists.

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