126 SE Audiotechnik speakers at EV EDM Festival 2020


The EV EDM Festival 2020 at the Happy Valley Theme Park in Shanghai is one of the first big events celebrating electronic dance music – not only in China but in fact worldwide. Every seriously meant EDM party challenges the gear requiring a high sound pressure level, a robust low end and – especially in China. But if the party lasts more than 50 days and takes action during the rain season in Shanghai, you have to find a reliable partner with a good plan and real workhorses when it comes to gear. The choice fell on SE Audiotechnik with its super‐compact M‐Line exclusively. Overall more than 126 Speakers was used on the stage. A total of 36 M‐F3A PRO full‐range speakers and 32 M‐F3A PRO FS flysubs have been rigged – an array of 18 M‐F3A PRO are supported by 2×8 M‐F3A PRO FS on both sides of the stage in order to keep the sound pressure level high enough up to the last row.

Besides excellent sound the requirement was to integrate the system discretely into the stage design ‐ thus the M‐F3A PRO could play at its full strength. By fitting 8 high‐efficiency 2.8″ neodymium midfrequency drivers, and 7 1″ direct radiation dome tweeters in an element with a front face no bigger than an A4 sized piece of paper, it’s safe to say that you can’t get much smaller if you expect the same impressive result. On plus, the light weight of only 8.3 kg per M‐F3A PRO module and just 25 kg per flysub make it possible to hang the whole array directly from the frame of the main stage structure without a lot of hassle and manpower. There is no EDM without a substantial low frequency range coverage. A total of 24 subwoofers have been used; 8 of the 21” B21s below each array and another 8 in front of the stage extending the frequency range of the system below 30 Hz. Due to the extra‐wide stage design, the coverage right in front of the stage has been filled with two sets of two S15 PRO subs and two M‐F3A PROs stacked on top – one set to the left and one set to the right of the 8 B21 subwoofers in front of the stage. As you can only perform as good as you can hear yourself on stage, 12 SMX 12A stage monitors have been placed evenly positioned at the lip of the stage together with another set of two S15 PRO subwoofers and three M‐F3A PROs stacked left and right of the DJ table.

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