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+-Indonesia Dazzles With Spectacular Visuals At SEA Games Ceremonies


The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 26th SEA Games thrilled audiences with spectacular displays of creative lighting, video projections and pyrotechnics

Indonesia: The 26th SEA Games was held in Jakarta and Palembang on 11 until 22 November 2011. Hosting the SEA Games for an unprecedented 4th time, Indonesia had high ambitions to once again be a perfect host with the selection of Jakarta Indonesia Dazzles With Spectacular Visuals At SEA Games Ceremonies 1 and Palembang as host cities for the games. The opening and closing ceremonies at the Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium in Palembang was held in front of thousands of spectators in addition to the hundreds of millions viewing the live broadcast.

Elaborate song and dance sequences were accompanied by a gigantic spectacular of stadium scale lighting and projections synchronized with thunderous volleys of colourful ground and aerial fireworks.

Planning for the Opening Ceremony started many months in advance. Bernard Chew, principal at Jakarta based BLD Lighting Design, has been involved with lighting design all over South East Asia and specialises in large scale and arena events. He was in charge of the challenging task of lighting the show in this vast space with plenty of logistical and coordination issues to worry about. Bernard chose grandMA2 full-size consoles for lighting control because he knew of the size and importance of the show. Using grandMA2 onPC and grandMA 3D to plan and visualise the event, he was able to conceptualise the show and make necessary suggestions. For him the support of MA Lighting was key. Although a lighting programmer for more than 20 years, this was his first intensive encounter with an MA system. However it proved solid and intuitive, giving him plenty of confidence, and ultimately it was the support that convinced him to choose MA.

(Seated left to right) Hendra Lie, President of Mata Elang,
and Jens Poehlker, Sales Director of MA Lighting Asia-
Pacific & Bernard Chew of BLD Lighting Design (centre)

“MA provided us with the fixture library in an instant, and this kind of help was absolutely crucial to us!” confirms Bernard. That is why he also wholeheartedly recommended the consoles to Mr. Hendra Lie, the President of rental company Mata Elang and the undisputed “King of Stage Lighting” in Indonesia.

The Organizing Committee also brought in Paul Collison from Australia (well known and respected for his work on the Beijing Olympics, the Shanghai World Expo Opening, X-Factor Australia, the Opening Ceremony of the 2011 Rugby World Cup and Singapore’s National Day Parade to name a few). Collison was acting as a lighting supervisor whilst also helping the programmers working on the three grandMA2 consoles. “I was very impressed at the ability of the three programmers to change their ‘single cue per fader’ mentality and really grasp the tracking cue list abilities of the grandMA2 system” he states. “Timecode was an added complication, however by the end, they saw the benefits of a sensible tracking sequence all cued to a single Timecode show. It certainly made a huge difference to the quality of the final show,” states Collison.

The two grandMA2 full-size consoles, a grandMA2 light plus two MA NPU (Network Processing Units) were provided by Mata Elang and Kompas TV. Kompas TV already had some experience with the grandMA2 desk, but Mata Elang received their two grandMA2 full-sizes and MA NPUs just one week before the show. Mata Elang is the largest rental company in Indonesia and also provided over 1000 lighting fixtures, ranging from LED wash lights to moving lights to search lights as well as several large scale video screens. The fixtures were split into three ‘worlds’ to enable the three programmers to work independently on their own range of lights, the results of which were merged into one showfile running on Timecode. The added benefit was that if one console had failed, the system had fully redundant backup. The show only used less than three-quarters of the actual capacity of the system, and the MA NPU workload never exceeded 8%, showing its exceptional capabilities.

Hadi Suroso, the Lighting Designer and main operator at
work behind the grandMA2 consoles

The system had 34 DMX outputs available straight from the factory, but the team decided to run a few universes over ArtNet as well, allowing these outputs to also benefit from the automatic fallover protection of the consoles. Says Hadi Suroso (Lighting Designer and main Operator), “The show was a great challenge for us as we had only just started learning the consoles. We were lucky to have Paul Collison there to teach us and the show turned out very well. I have to thank a lot of people involved with the SEA Games, particularly show director Mr. Indra Yudhistira, Paul Collison as our mentor, Bernard Chew, both the Kompas TV and the Mata Elang crews, and most of all, my partners working on the consoles – Juni Purwanto and Dedy.”

Bernard, with the support of LumenRadio distributor Total Solution Marketing Pte Ltd from Singapore, overcame daunting signal distribution challenges by employing an extensive CRMX wireless DMX/RDM system, with 12 single universe transmitters and over 12 single universe receivers. “The organizers of SEA Games did certainly not spare any effort to find the best technologies and equipment available. We are therefore particularly proud that CRMX, after extensive

Bernard Chew with Juni Purwanto (L) and Dedy Matel (R)

considerations and testing, was selected by Bernard and his crew for this monumental task,” says Hans Lau, Director of OEM and the Americas, and continues “Reliable and efficient DMX distribution is a an absolute requirement for projects of this character and magnitude. CRMX Automated Cognitive Coexistence with Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFHSS) is key to success in such a challenging environment.”

Visit Mata Elang: www.mataelang.com
Visit MA Lighting: www.malighting.com
Visit LumenRadio: www.lumenradio.com


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